LE Surfaces Group

We are the global leaders in quartz surface manufacturing, offering products of unparalleled design, innovation, and quality.

Our History

LE Surfaces was founded over 15 years ago in a small Chinese town, Xinyang, located about 500 miles west of Shanghai. Today, the company has over 1,000 employees and 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing capacity under roof. LE China and LE South Korea spend millions of dollars each year on research and development. The company works in partnership with its clients — mostly large Original Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors — to provide high quality, differentiated quartz slabs that appeal to demanding consumers and specifiers.

Global Reach

LE Surfaces has experienced incredible growth over the years and today their global presence extends to over 35 countries, serviced through an extensive network of independent distributors and large OEM clients. LE Surfaces, through its marketing and distribution entities and additional manufacturing facilities under construction, expects to service clients in 140 countries by 2025.

LE Family of Companies


LE China

Located in Xinyang, LE China has 1 million square feet of manufacturing capacity under roof. It also is the home to LE’s Innovation and Testing Lab, a facility and group of people aimed at ensuring that LE products offer unparalleled innovation, design, and quality.

8 Production Lines
500,000 Slab Capacity Per Year

(27,560,000 Square Feet of Material)

LE Machinery

Born out of its Innovation and Testing lab, LE Machinery was formed in 2014. As design trends changed and directional viewed products started to increase in popularity, LE Surfaces determined that specific equipment was needed to meet the desires of consumers and specifiers. LE Surfaces meets that need by forming LE Machinery, a division that produces quartz production machinery capable of satisfying the desires of demanding consumers and specifiers. LE Machinery is now used exclusively at all LE Surfaces manufacturing facilities and at many other independent facilities throughout the world. 

LE Raw Material

Accessing high-quality quartz is critical to producing beautiful, high-quality quartz slabs. Tired of varying quality from suppliers and constantly fluctuating prices, LE Raw Material was formed and is now the largest quartz processing facility in China. Quartz from LE Raw Material is never acid washed, and sophisticated equipment removes foreign materials that detract from the finished quartz slabs. LE Raw Quartz also has the largest mixer in the world, ensuring that long runs of color-matched products can be produced.


LE Korea

As high duties interrupted supply from China, LE Surfaces made the decision to expand its manufacturing footprint outside of China. In mid-2018, LE Surfaces formed LE Korea and embarked on building the largest facility in the world specialized in producing directional veined quartz slabs. Production at LE Korea is set to begin in April 2019 and capacity will reach 30,000 slabs per month by the end of 2019. LE Korea will utilize quartz and equipment from LE Raw Material and LE Machinery.

Orders are being accepted starting on March 1, 2019.

3 Production Lines

(4 Additional lines by end of 2019, 10 lines by end of 2020)

360,000 Slab Capacity Per Year

(27,560,000 Square Feet of Material)


LE North America

LE North America is the exclusive marketing company and distributor for all slabs being imported into North America from all LE Surfaces facilities. LE North America is a joint venture between LE Surfaces and US Surfaces. LE North America, directly or through its partners, is the sole partner and investor in LE Korea and LE North America.

Orders are currently being accepted.

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