Quartz Products

The products in LE Surfaces line are nature-inspired and influenced by professionals that understand what homeowners and commercial property owners are looking for. Millions of dollars are spent each year to improve our surface designs, colors, backgrounds and vein techniques. The result is the largest, most innovative, hand-crafted vein products in the world.

We offer distinctive classes of surfaces — each serving a specific purpose in providing a well-curated quartz offering. Because our product range is so extensive and to protect the confidentiality of our clients, we can only show a sampling of products within each class. Our entire range can be viewed by visiting our showroom in Nashville, TN or our plants in either China or Thailand.

* The color(s) pictured may not available in the area you serve as it may be offered on an exclusive basis to one of our existing clients.

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Does your current inventory lineup need a custom range of high quality quartz surfaces? Get in touch with LE Surfaces and we’ll show you how our industry-leading manufacturing process and custom collections have helped top distributors across the globe.

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