LE Surfaces is the global leader in quartz surface manufacturing, offering products of unparalleled design, innovation, and quality. Our focus and competitive advantage rests in making the entire spectrum of beautiful, high-quality, veined quartz slabs.

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Innovation is the key to fostering client growth, defending business and maintaining margins. With over 40 engineers and designers supporting a world-class production line, LE Surfaces is dedicated to developing never-before-seen design aesthetics.

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We own and operate 3 factories located in South Korea, Thailand and China with 36 production lines, shipping over 600 containers per month to over 30 countries. This makes LE Surfaces the largest handcrafted quartz manufacturer in the world.

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LE Surfaces manufactures the equipment used in our factories. This vertical integration is essential to scale capacity to keep up with fast-growing demand and tailored specifically to produce the world’s most super-natural, handcrafted quartz products.

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Raw Materials

Unlike most manufacturers, LE Surfaces sources and mixes its own quartz sand and powder in one of the largest mixers in the world. We maintain strict quality control of the raw materials used to produce our quartz and never acid wash to mask imperfections.

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Our commitment to supplying superior products is achieved with production that meets only the highest levels of quality and control, as well as stringent environmental standards. LE Surfaces are Greenguard®, NSF®/51 and Kosher certified.

Uncompromising Design, Unmatched Scale: Experience LE Surfaces

Fueled by a steadfast commitment to design innovation, we create high-end quartz surfaces that embody the captivating textures, colors, and patterns of natural stone with exquisite detail. Each piece radiates exclusive beauty, reflecting our dedication to pushing aesthetic boundaries.

As the world’s largest handcrafted quartz manufacturer, our vertically integrated operations deliver distinct advantages:

Unrivaled Design Icon Unrivaled Design

Explore innovative quartz surfaces that redefine what’s possible.

Reliable Capacity Icon Reliable Capacity

Leverage our robust production capabilities to meet your program’s needs with confidence.

Competitive Pricing Icon Competitive Pricing

Enjoy cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or design.

Faster Time-to-Market Icon Faster Time-to-Market

Get your projects underway sooner thanks to our efficient production processes.

Discover the difference – choose LE Surfaces for unparalleled design, unmatched scale, and exceptional value.

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