3 Questions Every Distributor Should Ask Before Choosing a Quartz Partner

Choosing the right quartz partner is crucial for both your bottom line and your reputation. In today’s competitive landscape, finding a supplier that offers consistent quality, reliable supply, and true partnership isn’t always easy.

Before you commit to a new quartz supplier, ask yourself these three critical questions:

1. Can they meet my demand – today and tomorrow?

A surge in orders shouldn’t mean empty warehouses and frustrated customers. Your ideal partner has the production capacity to scale with your business. Look beyond the current order book – ask about:

  • Number of production lines and total output capacity
  • Plans for expansion and investment in future growth
  • Track record of fulfilling large-scale orders on time

Do their designs lead or follow the market?

Your program should not be a sea of sameness. Is your partner bringing newer, more realistic designs to market?

  • The color design process
  • Success of recent launches

2. Is their quality consistent, and does it match my market?

Low price often means cutting corners on quality. Your quartz partner should have rigorous quality control and a commitment to innovation. Inquire about:

  • Manufacturing certifications and quality standards
  • Color development processes – do they match current trends?
  • Customization options for your specific clientele
  • Ask for references

3. Do they truly understand the distributor mindset?

The best quartz partners see you as an extension of their business. Your success is their success. Look for signs of a ‘partner-first’ mentality:

  • Are they proactive with market insights and sales support?
  • Do they offer tailored product mixes based on regional trends?
  • How responsive are they to feedback and problem-solving?

The LE Surfaces Difference

At LE Surfaces, we confidently answer these critical questions with a resounding ‘yes’. Our commitment to excellence shines through our expansive production capacity, unwavering dedication to top-tier quality, and steadfast focus on distributor success. With LE Surfaces as your global quartz partner, you can trust in our ability to deliver consistent value and support to your business.

Discover how LE Surfaces stands out in your market with our high-quality quartz countertops.

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Andrew Evans | VP Global Sales and Marketing

Gordon Shell | VP North and South American Sales