Calacatta Quartz: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Durability

Calacatta quartz is a smart addition to any distributor’s portfolio. Its timeless appeal, low maintenance, and durability make it a sought-after surface for various applications. 

Visually Appealing:

The striking veining of Calacatta Quartz evokes the timeless allure of marble, captivating beholders with its modern sophistication. As distributors, offer your clients a product that transcends trends, boosting their spaces with enduring elegance. Calacatta Quartz lends an air of refinement, ensuring each installation becomes a testament to exquisite taste and lasting luxury.

Versatile – Expand your market reach:

The non-porous nature of Calacatta quartz makes it resistant to stains, moisture, and bacteria, opening doors to diverse applications. Suitable for high-traffic areas in hospitality, healthcare, education, and more.

Durable – Build trust with Long-Lasting Quality:

Resists stains, scratches, and chips, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Reassure your clients that their investment will retain its flawless appearance, fostering trust and loyalty.

Easy Maintenance – Boost customer satisfaction:

Easy to clean with soap and water, saving time and effort. Highlight this feature to appeal to those seeking beautiful surfaces that don’t require time-consuming upkeep.

World-Class Design and Innovation:

We collaborate to develop quartz lines that meet your market’s unique needs.

From sampling and art support to assistance with market events and showroom planning, we provide the tools you need to succeed. We offer slab customization, sample towers, displays, marketing imagery, and more to help you showcase and promote your Calacatta quartz products.

Calacatta quartz is more than just a surface; it’s an investment in lasting beauty and functionality. Contact LE Surfaces today to discover how our partnership can drive your business’s growth.

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Andrew Evans | VP Global Sales and Marketing

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